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Jul 27, 2011 12:00am PDT
to more than two or three people. if you are talking to an audience, a big audience in a theater or a movie audience, but with television, if there are more than two or three people in the room, they're talking to each other, they're not listening to you. that camera lens became sitting and like talking to you. that is what i loved about it. tavis: there is some much stuff in this book, and there are several things i found fascinating and funny. fascinating, you apparently love crossword puzzles. >> absolutely addicted. i carry them around my purse. i am stuck on the one, the car driving me here, about halfway through but i did not finish. i said i will finish on the way back. tavis: how did you develop a love for the crosswords? >> i don't know, i love words. i am not into numbers that much, and there are people looked on that, but crossword puzzles. if i get a puppy and a paper trained him, all of a sudden i would open the paper and would be a cross word, no, you cannot go on that. tavis: are you pretty good a crossword puzzles? >> i am not a wizard, but i do them so much, pret
Jul 16, 2011 12:00am PDT
will have consumption and demand big enough to help continue, assuming the political environment is stable, not only into the country, but around it. i know you interviewed secretary kissinger on china. that is the number one fear. the number one fear is the stability, either inside or outside of china, will not be good. if the condition remains like it is today, not to mention there are a lot of flash points out there -- you heard the latest news about the china sea issues. there are a lot of issues going around. but assuming the leadership in china is able to manage all that and one would hope that they could and one would have high hopes that they would, this to growth will go on for two days to three decades. but the first statement you made in the show, i actually think that, as americans, i am always a positive thinker, as you know -- i think we're just going through relativity. we are relatively speaking not seeing what we have seen in the last 20 years are 25 years. going forward, there needs to be structural changes, reinventing ourselves, but you still -- china came from nothing.
Jul 5, 2011 12:00am PDT
that is high cotton. you're hanging out with tom hanks and julia roberts. >> that is big time. they have an entourage. they are walking around with their cert. i have two image awards. mine are heavier. tavis: tell me about this character that you play in "larry crowne". neighbor.s larry's he is the big time dude in the neighborhood because he won the lottery. they have a daily are still. tavis: a daily yard sale? >> so i am having with people and that is thing. throughout the movie. i am trying to be people with the price. i do not care. you are trying to buy an old speed racer lunchbox, i am trying to get $100. tavis: did you ever do the yard sale thing? >> i would like to go buy them sometimes to see what people have but if never tried to sell my old stuff. i have a yard sale, here they come. get the good stuff out there. tavis: i was about to ask, if you had a yard sale, what do you have to put on display? >> it is always a little recycling, clothing and suits and the kind of thing. some golf and equipment. i have a lot of golf clubs i would give away. and you give away the kids' st
Jul 13, 2011 2:00pm PDT
the roof of the microsoft campus. this is second only to their headquarters. the big cities are already jammed and in the next 10 years, they expect the largest internal migration in history there is a downside to all of this gallup and growth and you can see it, a thicket ago, bikes dominated the streets. today, everyone would like a car. -- a decade ago, bikes dominated the streets. the government has limited car ownership but in that edict might be too little, too late. the growth model could derail all of the economic gains of the past two decades. and this is a part in the heart of shanghai. three years ago, this is little more than an urban jump that was left behind when the world expo site was left behind and gutted. kongjian yu is the founder of turenscape, one of the most acclaimed design firms. he is an advocate for environmental sustainability and was brought in literally to change the landscape. >> every contaminated water and soil. in china, 75% of the water. all of the major leagues in china and the rivers, this runs through the city's and they have been contaminated. we d
Jul 29, 2011 12:35am EDT
of all, there is no baseball team. my dad had one year of college and he came out here, took a big risk. he is a self-made man, or was. my dad has passed away. but we got in a car, my vote -- my older brother and i, and picked up stakes and came down here and he did not make a deal in the real estate business for two years. but then my younger brother and sister were born. my mama was from a family of 11. we would go back every summer in the family car. tavis: california to detroit, every summer? >> we are sleeping on the floor and arguing who gets to sleep on the floor and who gets the hump in the middle. tavis: i have nine brothers and sisters, and we had a station wagon. used to run to the car to avoid sitting on the hope. >> we argued, and i was the younger of the two. my younger brother and sister were babies. there was no air conditioning, and with diaper changing and all of that. my mom was born in pennsylvania and that they were coal miners. they moved to detroit. detroit was the place where you could pick yourself up and improve your station in life. they all ended up in the au
Jul 22, 2011 12:00am PDT
shot and a childhood. we really became brothers as opposed to big brother, little brother just hanging around and doing stuff. we have never really thought about the racial element as something that was anything but a binder. tavis: it was not just a relationship between you and michael but you ended up bringing on -- let me put it this way, his immediate family ended up being your extended family. they came to live with you at a certain point. >> a year after i met him, social services was considering taking the kids away from their mom. there was all kinds of abuse. what i did is that i took the three oldest children and they came and live with me in an apartment in south philadelphia for the summer. i don't know how to cook or do anything. it was chaos. i don't know if it was worse or better for them. tavis: [laughter] it might have been worse. >> they remember the smallest details. we all pitched in to get there. it was no big brother, little brother, we were all the managers of that apartment. her mom finally got her act together and got into subsidized housing. that was the end f
Jul 29, 2011 12:00am PDT
, but when i got together with the cast. family dinner is a big part of our show. the first thing we shot on the pilot, the first day, was the family dinner scene. we had to kind of pretend we had a relationship, but they are so good, these actors, and having done a long series, they are also so good as people. they are people i want to spend some time with. tavis: i had no idea your first answer would include a comment about those family dinners. as is often the case, i am in my dressing room and my producer an assistant, everyone in that room said the best thing about the show in every episode, you guys meet around the dinner table. it is a powerful thing. what do you make of that? >> i think there is a cultural thing, not only in this country but probably throughout the world. everybody did not have a family like the ravens. everybody did not have that opportunity. but they had family or wish they had that output. it is an adult family drama. family drama usually involves an argument, which is siblings and parents and kids. i think the real secret to it is the show has a very procedura
Jul 26, 2011 12:00am PDT
people about the health care crisis? >> that's a big question, and i would say what i learned and again many interviews. is a lot of the disparity of who gets what. and the gap between rich and poor is bigger than ever. and if you have a lot of resources, fantastic things can happen to you, and if you don't, you probably won't get that chance. and what i learned about america, and it would be impossible to think of it as a person. but what i see recurring, that hope is something that is a part of the american personality. this belief that things will be better and that we can make it better. tavis: hope even about an issue as contentious as health care, and i ask that when the debate was so ugly, and now that we pass it and don't know how much congress will try to roll back what happened. let me ask you what the debate as we sit here today? >> i don't think that the debate is helpful, and they should be but this one isn't. and the democrats admit when it first got rolled out it wasn't explained well. and i think that the debate is causing more confusion, and now i will make my plug for
Jul 8, 2011 12:00am PDT
of favoring big corporate status quo and wall street even though in his heart of hearts, that is not what he believes. tavis: that may be a enough of an albatross to make sure that he does not get reelected. the first two well, he did not control. was all about law enforcement. the second was about congress, not necessarily the white house. it is the third one that could mess him up. he gets on the campaign trail, he can s u responsibility for the first two, can he not? >> the law enforcement part of that has been under his watch. it has and a lax effort. they have not been aggressive. but that's what the obama mentality of let's turn the page on tour -- if fits with the obama mentality of let's turn the page on torture. the dodd-frank, that is a shared responsibility. i wish the obama administration has taken more of a leading role when they were fighting on health care and pushing that forward. health care was taken by his opponents and used to demonize them and helped give him the congress that he now has. tavis: i am curious as to your take on this. how have the obama people so badly mis
Jul 12, 2011 12:00am PDT
proof of that in big cities like shanghai and beijing. people are making money. chinese officials have moved 300 million people live there -- out of poverty into the middle class. despite recent concerns about inflation, the economy is thriving. china has more billionaires than any country other than the united states. feeding this economic boom is china's educational system. it has been criticized for not fostering independent thinking butted is also graduating hundreds of thousands of top students in science and math. that is why multinational companies like microsoft have established beachheads in china. why do you think the largest r&d campus outside of redman for microsoft is in china? >> talent. the amount of talent to lookout in china. every year, we graduate 6 million people. 1 million are in computer science and electrical engineering. things to do with information technology. it is different from the u.s. the best and brightest students work in engineering tavis: statistics like that -- like that make us uneasy. those footsteps are making for some restless nights in america.
Jul 19, 2011 12:00am PDT
to raise her son by herself, and her son goes on to tell a big lie. he goes to a new school, and he tells everyone at school his father died in 9-11 rather than just of a heart attack on their lawn, and my character perpetuates this light, and then inflows of in our faces. >> and -- it blows up in our faces. tavis: i am always curious about what draws people to this project. what drew you to it? >> this is very different from the tapam. she is kind of a train wreck. she is very bad about predicting consequences of her actions, so she will tell a lie because it is convenient at that moment, but she does not think about how it is going to affect her down the line. i am the complete opposite about it, very deliberate. i love spreadsheets and five- year plans, so it felt fine to play somebody so different from myself. tavis: i assume that is what the challenges in trying to pull this off. >> i had to really let go of all those desires that need to control my life and situation and where i am going, because this characters in things are completely different from my instincts. >> did the charac
Jul 21, 2011 12:00am PDT
the administration has done. paul krugman and others have suggested that it was never big enough from the start. the white house cut a deal and they thought they could get through even when they controlled both houses of congress. >> right. a couple of things. let's remember that it barely got through. there was not a lot of margin. that is related to the second point. i am sympathetic as a peer of economists to the notion that it should have been there. -- i am sympathetic as a pure and economist. it did not look obvious that say a trillion dollar stimulus could have gotten through the congress even though both congress is had democratic majority. -- both houses had a democratic majority. the number kept changing. it was 787 and now it is estimated to be 850 as more data came in. this is not at all obvious that we had gotten bigger. what is obvious is that we could have made it better. this is lost to history now, but you might remember in return for almost no republican votes, no matter what it was, the president gave over about 250 billion, about 1/3 of the stimulus. this was in the spirit o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 88 (some duplicates have been removed)